Monday, March 30, 2015

Tips to Help a Young Child with Food Allergies

It takes a lot of work to monitor ingredients when someone has a food allergy, and this process can be difficult when a young child has an allergy and they don’t understand the foods they should be avoiding. If you have a young child with food allergies, then you should consider some of these tips:
·         Preparation: It can be disappointing for a young child to attend a party or social event and not be able to eat the dessert or treat that is being served. As the parent, you can plan ahead with snacks that the child can have. For example, if the child is allergic to milk, then you can bring dairy free chocolate for them to eat while the other children are having traditional chocolate.
·         Communication: If the child is spending time somewhere else, you should talk with the other parents about the severity of the food allergies and the types of foods that need to be avoided. This type of communication helps other people to protect your child, even if you aren’t there by their side.
·         Education: As the child grows older, teach them about the specific ingredients that need to be avoided so they can learn the steps that should be followed to self-monitor their food choices.
Here at Premium Chocolatiers, our goal is to provide a variety of delicious chocolates that are allergy free. If you or a family member suffers from any type of food allergy, then we invite you to contact us to learn more about delicious nut and dairy free chocolate bars that you can choose from.

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