Monday, March 16, 2015

Does Vegan Chocolate Taste Like Regular Chocolate?

Cocoa is a vegan, animal-free ingredient, but the problem is that many times cocoa is added to animal products such as milk and butter in order to make chocolate. If you want to enjoy vegan chocolate, it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the taste in order to avoid animal ingredients. There are a variety of vegan chocolate bars available, and you might select different brands to find the one that you like the best.
How to Pick the Best Vegan Chocolate Bar
Look at the ingredient list in order to make sure that you are choosing a product that is completely free of animal products. Stay away from ingredients such as milk or butter, because these are dairy products usually derived from cow’s milk. Instead, you should look for chocolate bars that are made with coconut milk, because this ingredient is plant based. Also, watch out for chocolate that is sweetened with honey since honey is produced by bees and it is not considered a vegan ingredient.
Even though you are finding vegan chocolate bars with different ingredients, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing taste or quality. In fact, many people find that vegan chocolate is more tasty than traditional chocolate, and vegan chocolate bars are often much healthier than the non-vegan varieties. When you compare the ingredient list, you will see that vegan chocolate is usually made with a basic ingredient list, instead of filling the chocolate bar with unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives and too much sugar.
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