Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Birthday Party Game Ideas with Chocolate

Are you planning a birthday party for one of your children? Kids love to play games, especially when the games involve chocolate! Here are a few game ideas that you might consider for the party:
·         Bingo: Print out creatively designed Bingo cards, and use chocolate pieces to mark the spaces.
·         Pick Up Straws: Give each child a straw, and have them use suction to pick up pieces of candy at the end of the straw and move them to another pile.
·         Guessing Game: Fill a small jar with candy, and have the attendees guess the number of items in the jar.
·         Crafts: Create a candy craft, such as gingerbread houses decorated with candy.
·         Snacks: Look for fun ways to serve snacks, such as a chocolate fondue with fruit for dipping.
When it comes to birthday parties or any gathering with children, you never know if children will arrive who have food allergies. So, make sure that you are using allergy-free chocolate to avoid any potential reaction to the food that you are serving. Look for chocolate that is lactose free, gluten free, and vegan to accommodate the eating preferences of anyone who might attend the party.
At Premium Chocolatiers, we specialize in allergy free chocolate and we have a variety of products that can be used at your upcoming party. Contact us to learn more about the products that are available.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Allergy Free Chocolate for Your Memorial Day Holiday Party

For many people, Memorial Day marks the beginning of warmer weather and fun, summer activities. Families and friends often plan parties and barbeques to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday. It is an opportunity to commemorate those who have gone before us, and at the same time celebrate the relationships with people who are with us right now.
Planning Your Memorial Day Barbeque
When you are planning the menu for the barbeque, it can be tricky to choose foods when some of the family members have allergies. You want to have a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy, and at the same time cater to the individual dietary restrictions of each person in attendance.
Common barbeque menus include hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad, fruit, pasta salad, and dessert. But, if there are people who can’t have certain ingredients because of food allergies or dietary restrictions, then you might want to offer alternatives.
For example, vegan people can enjoy the barbeque when you are offering veggie patties along with the regular meat patties. For dessert, make the treats using vegan chocolate. The advantage to these ingredients is that they are also allergy-free, so you can accommodate vegans and people with allergies at the same time.
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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Chocolate - Quality vs Quantity: Which is Better?

When it comes to chocolate, most people assume that more is always better. But, it can be very disappointing to eat a large amount of low quality chocolate, only to find that you aren’t satisfied and you feel sick after it is gone.
Next time you need a chocolate fix, skip the cheap stuff at the grocery store and choose a higher quality brand instead. It is amazing how satisfied you will feel after just a few bites of premium chocolate!
How to Identify High Quality Chocolate
There are several things that you can consider when you are picking chocolate. Turn the chocolate bar over and read the ingredient label to see the products that were used to create the bar. The goal is to choose cholate that is made with real, healthier ingredients.
Also, consider the company that is manufacturing the chocolate. You can learn a lot about the quality of the product by reading about the company. Look for a company who is interested in the health of their customers, instead of simply selling low-quality chocolate bars to the masses.
Here at Premium Chocolatiers, our goal is to provide you with high quality chocolate that you can enjoy throughout the year. We hand-select our ingredients and make our chocolate bars allergy-free, so that everyone can enjoy these delicious treats. You will see that we offer dairy free milk chocolate that is vegan, gluten free, and nut free. If you want a healthier alternative to traditional chocolate bars, then we invite you to check out our website!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Choosing the Best Anniversary Gift for Your Love

An anniversary is a special day, because it is a holiday that is unique to you and your spouse. This celebration is an opportunity to celebrate the time that you have spent together and renew the love that you share with each other.
Chocolate Anniversary Gift
One of the best ways to show your spouse that you care is by giving a thoughtful gift that is personalized to their needs. When you choose an anniversary gift, you need to make sure that you put some thought into the gift instead of giving something that is boring and generic.
Premium chocolates are the perfect gift for anyone, even those people who have specific dietary concerns. It doesn’t matter if your spouse is vegan, has food allergies, or is avoiding sugar, because these unique chocolate bars are made in a way eliminates those types of ingredients.
For best results, make sure that the chocolate is packed in a nice gift box, to help them see the quality of chocolate they are receiving. You might pair the chocolate with other gifts, such as a bouquet of flowers or a nice piece of jewelry.
At Premium Chocolatiers, we offer a variety of chocolates that can be used as a gift for any occasion. Visit our website to see the vegan milk chocolate gifts that you can choose from.