Sunday, May 17, 2015

Allergy Free Chocolate for Your Memorial Day Holiday Party

For many people, Memorial Day marks the beginning of warmer weather and fun, summer activities. Families and friends often plan parties and barbeques to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday. It is an opportunity to commemorate those who have gone before us, and at the same time celebrate the relationships with people who are with us right now.
Planning Your Memorial Day Barbeque
When you are planning the menu for the barbeque, it can be tricky to choose foods when some of the family members have allergies. You want to have a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy, and at the same time cater to the individual dietary restrictions of each person in attendance.
Common barbeque menus include hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad, fruit, pasta salad, and dessert. But, if there are people who can’t have certain ingredients because of food allergies or dietary restrictions, then you might want to offer alternatives.
For example, vegan people can enjoy the barbeque when you are offering veggie patties along with the regular meat patties. For dessert, make the treats using vegan chocolate. The advantage to these ingredients is that they are also allergy-free, so you can accommodate vegans and people with allergies at the same time.
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