Saturday, September 17, 2016

Vegan Chocolate 101: Why these Three Health Benefits Will Amaze You

Let’s face it; don’t those dark petite-sized, chocolate bars look yummy?
Besides their delicious look and perhaps the fame as love symbols, vegan chocolates are, surprisingly, among the little nutrient-rich foods around. Yes, they aren’t referred to as “Food of the Gods” for nothing!
With their numerous health benefits raging vis-à-vis the surging need for those healthy foods, it is about time you consider a bite. However, you grab a taste, why don’t you familiarize yourself with the following health benefits?
1.      Cacao – NOT Cocoa – supplies it with the many Nutrients, Vitamins, and Antioxidants
Cacao, unlike Cocoa, is the plant when it’s still in its crisp, natural and unprocessed state. Above and beyond the dark color, this substance is famed for its richness in commonly required minerals including Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Copper. You can get a substantial amount of the all-important Vitamin C from a simple bite as well.
Much like the value obtained from the fruits, the quantity of antioxidants that many of the natural and vegan chocolate pack is enough to keep you looking young and healthy. Therefore, next time you need to get rid of those aging marks, well, the answer is within your reach. In short, vegan chocolates are SUPERFOODS!
2.      Proper Working of the Body – The Heart, the Brain, and Your Immunity
If you are looking to lower your body’s cholesterol levels, just keep a few bars with you. From the plant sterols and Cacao flavanols to the many natural minerals, your heart will function properly and seamlessly. Those suffering from diabetes can consume a portion of the same food that contains unsweetened Cacao as it maintains the blood sugar level at its optimum.
“Dark-colored chocolate bars are particularly ideal for mending broken hearts,” – fun-fact
As a cousin to caffeine, Cacao gives the human brain a subtle boost, keeping your at your peak always. Just a little piece and your head will work well. Some studies suggest that the same compound has some hidden anti-inflammatory powers once some unique bacteria types break them down in the body. Well, it is pretty clear how that tasty looking piece can be of help in the body.
3.      A Potent Mood Elevator
As perhaps a powerful feel-good elixir, science suggests that just a bite is enough to calm any uneasy individual, especially when taken every single day for 14 days. It has some super-normal properties that serve to suppress the stress hormone, making you feel happy and contented for longer.
The Parting Shot

It is evident that a healthy bite of that vegan chocolate is more than a symbol of love. Besides the unsubstantiated report that it can as well be a powerful aphrodisiac, you can be confident that you will be less likely to fall sick after eating a piece. Well, now you know, don’t you?