Monday, March 2, 2015

Is Chocolate Gluten Free?

Are you making the transition to a gluten free diet, and wondering about various types of foods that you should be avoiding? It can be hard to learn the rules of a gluten free diet, but once you understand more about gluten it will get easier with time.
Don’t worry, because chocolate is usually gluten free, but you need to make sure that you read the ingredient label to avoid any cross-contamination with ingredients that contain gluten. Cross-contamination is one of the biggest concerns that you will run into when you are looking for gluten free chocolate chips, because many types of chocolate are produced in a factory that also produces foods with wheat.
Finding Allergy Free Foods
If you want to improve your health, then you need to look for more than just gluten free chocolate chips, because it is best to avoid other common allergy ingredients such as nuts and lactose. Many people with one type of food allergy also suffer from other food allergies as well, so it is best to find chocolate that is free of ingredients that cause food allergy flare-ups.
At Premium Chocolatiers, we offer gluten free chocolate that is also free of lactose and nuts. You don’t have to worry about cross-contamination issues with our chocolate bars, because we manufacture the chocolate in an allergy-free environment. Visit our website to view the many options that are available, and learn about the benefits of eating allergy-free chocolate.

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