Saturday, December 27, 2014

4 Steps to Planning Healthy Vegetarian Meals

Whether you are transitioning to vegetarian or vegan food or you have been preparing vegetarian meals for a long time, you might occasionally find yourself in a rut when trying to plan the menu for the week. There is a simple formula that you can follow, which makes it easier to plan vegetarian meals:
Step 1: Choose a Grain
 Whole grain foods are often a staple in vegan food, because it is often used as a substitute for the satisfying and filling ingredient in the meal. Examples might include rice, wheat, or quinoa. Or, you might choose a starch such as potatoes instead.
Step 2: Choose a Vegetable
When preparing vegan food, it is important that you are eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in order to get the essential nutrients that are needed for optimal health. Serve large portions of vegetables, and make sure to have at least one or more vegetables with every meal.
Step 3: Flavor the Meal
It can be boring to eat the same flavors over and over again, but with a little creativity you can find ways to prepare different vegetarian meals with the same ingredients. As an example, consider the many ways that rice can be prepared: Spanish rice, sushi, curry, and more. Explore different ethnic flavors and recipes, to find the spice combinations that your family enjoys.
Step 4: Serve a Vegan Dessert
Many popular dessert recipes include animal products, such as milk or other dairy ingredients. Choose a vegan alternative instead, such as vegan chocolate.
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