Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vegan Smores

Believe it or not, making vegan smores is a breeze! Today there are plenty of vegan products available so you can plan a smores making extravaganzza on your next outting, camping trip, or if you simply want to have a special treat. Making vegan smores is easier than you may think!
Here’s what you need:
1 package of vegan marshamallows
1 package of vegan graham crackers
1 package vegan chocolate bars
Then over an open flame, slowly roast the marshmallow to a golden brown. To get it that way, put it on the roaster, hold it slightly above the flame, and slowly turn it so that all sides ov the vegan marshmallow get browned. Once it is done, place it on a graham cracker piece that has been topped with a vegan chocolate bar. Add another graham cracker for the top, and press it down slightly so that the vegan marshamallow begins to spread out over the vegan chocolate.
With the marshmallow being warm, it will begin to melt the vegan chocolate, creating a masterpiece of a dessert! You may even want to add in a little natural peanut butter for an added flavorful bonus.
Not sure where to get vegan marshmallows and vegan chocolate? No problem! You can purchase vegan marshmallows online, at health food stores, and places like Whole Foods Market. There are a couple of brands, including Sweet & Sara’s and Dandies. These brands are gelatin, as well as egg and dairy, free. When it comes to vegan chocolates to make your smores, we offer the per Our Mini Bars Milkless come in packs of 12 bars and are the perfect size for making individual smores.
Vegan smores is within reach. And they are delicious! Plan your next vegan smores event today!
 Our products do not contain any milk derivitives, gelatin, eggs, or any other animal products. Check out our vegan chocolates today!


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