Monday, September 10, 2012

Dont Be Scared Be Safe- Halloween Tips for Parents of Kids with Allergies

Candies are hard to resist, especially Halloween candy. It can be a difficult time for those with food allergies. Most Halloween candy treats contain either dairy, nuts or egg- the most common allergens among kids. As a parent, you are often left with no choice but to not send your children trick or treating. Explaining this to the children is hard. However, there are a lot of bright ideas and tips that can help you making Halloween fun and safe at the same time. There is no reason that a child with food allergies should not enjoy Halloween to any lesser measure to other kids. But it takes some watchfulness and planning.
You can’t celebrate Halloween with no treats, so prepare in advance and buy a variety of safe Halloween treats like Allergy Safe Chocolates and candies that do not contain any ingredients that your child is allergic to. If your kids are older, it’s a good idea to familiarize them with candies and treats that are safe. Alternate treats like cool stickers, toys or piggy bank money could also work. Keep the following tips in mind to keep the tricks away from the treating.
• You can plan something completely different like a movie night, slumber party for your kids and their friends, or even a Halloween scavenger hunt for safe treats or ther rewards.
• Keep the emergency medicines handy when going trick or treating.
• If you wish to let your children go trick or treating, you could give the neighbors safe Halloween treats in advance to hand out to your child.
• Or you could carry your own allergy free chocolate treats to swap with the ones they collect.
• Once home, sift through the collected candy to separate the safe and potentially harmful candy. Trade the unsafe candy with allergen free Halloween treats, or non-good gifts depending on their age.
• Read the ingredient labels carefully, even the smallest quantity of an allergen can trigger an allergic reaction.
• Donate Left-over candy to underprivileged children, children’s hospital, or kids who could not go trick or treating.
Keeping these tips in mind you can keep the allergy scare out of ‘trick or treating’.

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