Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY packaging Ideas for Allergy Safe Homemade Halloween Treats

This Halloween if you are opting for homemade treats for handing out to the children, whether because you are vegan or want to avoid any allergy incidents- packaging might have been a concern. We have collected the best packaging ideas for homemade and baked treats like cookies, brownies, candy and safe chocolate.
Use these innovative and simple ideas to add your personal touch to the delectable goodies you’re handing out. You can modify these ideas to suit the Halloween spirit and decorate the packaging in your style.
1. Repurposed Containers: This is a great idea for packing cookies and dry baked treats. It is convenient and also encourages green thinking. Empty Pringle cans work great for this, but you can use any container with a lid. Gently wipe clean the container and decorate the exterior using contact paper, ribbons, paints and glue. You can decorate it with a Halloween theme- the options are endless.
2. Useable Textiles: You can use hand towels, kitchen towels or cloth napkins to wrap homemade desserts like brownies. Put the dessert in a re-sealable plastic bag, place it at the center of the napkin, gather the edges and tie a pretty knot. You can also make rolls tied with ribbons.
3. Clear Cellophane: This kind of packaging is similar to the cloth packaging, except that it lets the yummy treat inside to be seen. You can buy a roll of cellophane and cut small squares to make see through bundles by bunching the edges together, or candy shaped packaging by bunching them at two ends.  Use ribbons to tie the knots and you can wrap cookies individually or some chocolate covered candies.
4. Paper Cones: These are extremely simple to do. You can make your own with the desired paper, buy some popcorn cones at the market or even use party hats. These are easy to decorate for adding the Halloween touch. You can use them to handout caramel popcorn and other bit sized treats.
Go ahead; let your creativity run a little wild this Halloween using these great packaging ideas for delicious homemade goodies.

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