Monday, June 29, 2015

July 7th is the Best Day of the Year: Chocolate Day!

Did you know that July 7th is the official chocolate day of the year? No one really knows when this holiday started or who created it, but it is a fun holiday that gives everyone an excuse to indulge on delicious treats.
America’s favorite flavor is chocolate, and it is used in everything from toppings to cakes to candies and ice cream. Since it’s a day to celebrate this delicious treat, it makes sense to eat chocolate all day long!
Here are a few ways that you can include chocolate throughout the day:
·         Breakfast: Make homemade waffles or crepes and top them with fruit and a drizzle of chocolate sauce
·         Lunch: Enjoy a bite (or three!) of chocolate truffles to finish your meal with a sweet treat
·         Dinner: Chocolate cake is the perfect dessert to end the final meal of the day
·         Snacks: Have a chocolate bar on hand to curb your hunger if you need a snack
Whether you are preparing chocolate treats for yourself or family and friends, it is important that you are careful about choosing chocolate and recipes that are allergy-free. At Premium Chocolatiers, we have many delicious types of vegan chocolate that are free of common allergy ingredients, including nuts, gluten, lactose, and more. Our chocolate can be enjoyed by people with food allergies or anyone who is looking for a healthier alternative to traditional chocolate bars. Browse our website for more information!

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