Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Celebrate National Candy Month With Chocolate!

Did you know that the entire month of June has been designated as National Candy Month? It is a great time to indulge in some decadent treats and let your sweet tooth have fun.
What is National Candy Month?
The truth is that no one is quite sure how or why June was designated as candy month, but there are many people who like to celebrate the month and taste new types of candy. There are some speculations about why candy month was started in June, such as the fact that Dairy Milk was invented by George Cadbury and his team in June of 1904.
Enjoy the Candy and Protect Your Health
When it comes to the treats that you choose for your Candy Month celebration, make sure that you focus on quality over quantity. The quality of your candy is especially important if you have certain health concerns, such as food allergies.
It is possible to find delicious candies that meet your dietary requirements, you just need to be selective about the brands that you purchase. At Premium Chocolatiers, we want to help you enjoy candy month without the concern of food allergies, which is why we have created delicious allergy free milk chocolate for you to enjoy.
All of our products are free of the common ingredients that cause allergic reactions, including nuts, gluten, and lactose. Additionally, these products are vegan, making them the perfect treat to share with your friends who are avoiding dairy and animal products. Visit our website for more information!

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