Saturday, November 29, 2014

6 Lactose Free Desserts

Just because you are following a lactose free diet, doesn't mean that you need to stay away from delicious desserts. There are many lactose free foods that can be used in dessert recipes, and sometimes it is as simple as making a few ingredient substitutions.
Here are some dairy free dessert recipes that are perfect for anyone following a lactose free diet:
·         Berry or apple pie: Using coconut whipped topping instead of regular whipped cream
·         Cookies: Make sure to use vegan chocolate chips and avoid other dairy ingredients
·         Sorbet or Coconut Bliss ice cream: Which are great substitutes instead of ice cream
·         Dark chocolate: Most brands of dark chocolate are dairy free, although you will need to stay away from milk chocolate varieties
·         Brownie mixes: Which are usually dairy free unless they are "milk chocolate" brownies, so read the packing label to ensure there are no added dairy ingredients
·         Cake: Most cake mixes are lactose free, but you will need to read the ingredient list to double check
The possibilities are endless, and you can find many dairy-free recipes online. With the right recipe and a little bit of creativity, it is easy to prepare a dessert that you can enjoy.
At Premium Chocolatiers, we have a variety of chocolates that are safe to eat if you are following a lactose free diet. You will love our lactose free foods, because they are delicious and dairy free!

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