Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Allergy-Free Side Dishes and Desserts for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and it is a great time to share a meal to celebrate with your family and friends. Some people assume that they will miss out on some of the delicious food options because of their food allergies. But, just because you have a food allergy doesn't mean that you should be left out during a holiday dinner with your family.
Thanksgiving Side Dishes and Dessert Ideas
Whether you are hosting the party or attending another party, you can plan at least 1 or 2 side dishes or desserts so that you can have the peace of mind to know that you will have allergy-free food to eat.
Here are a few allergy-free side dish and dessert options to consider:
·         Sweet potatoes or yams, using olive oil instead of butter and skipping the marshmallows
·         Stuffing, using gluten-free bread instead of regular bread
·         Cranberry sauce, skipping any nuts in the ingredient list
·         Roasted Brussels sprouts, with olive oil and natural spices for flavor
·         Gravy made with brown rice flour for thickening and olive oil instead of butter
·         Pumpkin pie, made with a gluten-free crust and coconut milk instead of dairy products
·         Chocolate covered strawberries (using allergy-free chocolate)
Gourmet Chocolates for Every Holiday
Here at Premium Chocolatiers, we make gourmet chocolates and truffles to satisfy your sweet tooth. These chocolates are so delicious that your holiday guests won't realize that they are eating an allergy-free alternative to traditional chocolate.
Thanksgiving is a day to indulge, so make sure that you order enough of our allergy-free chocolates to enjoy a sweet treat before and after the meal! Check out our allergy-free chocolates for the holiday season, such as  chocolate turkeys and pumpkin truffles.

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