Monday, July 13, 2015

Choose the Right Type of Chocolate for Fondue

A fondue party is a great way to create a social event where people can mingle and enjoy food at the same time. If you are planning to have fondue at your party, then it is important that you are selective about the types of ingredients that you are using for the fondue. High quality ingredients will leave a lasting impression on your guests, helping to improve their experience for the evening.
Finding a Good Fondue Recipe
When you look online, you will find a variety of fondue recipes to choose from. Choose your recipe based on the ratings listed by other people who have tried the recipe. Regardless of the recipe that you choose, the most important ingredient is the base chocolate that you choose.
Don’t make the mistake of choosing a low quality chocolate bar from the grocery store. Instead, choose a premium brand of chocolate that only uses the high quality ingredients.
Types of Dippers for Your Fondue
Once you have a good chocolate base, you need to make sure to have a variety of fondue dippers for your guests to choose from. These are some great options to serve:
·         Apples
·         Strawberries
·         Bananas
·         Cookies
·         Marshmallows
·         Brownies
·         Pineapple
If you will have guests with food allergies, then it is a good idea to consider those allergies when you are planning your dessert. For example, choose allergy free chocolate and dippers, such as fresh fruit or gluten-free cookies. At Premium Chocolatiers, we have delicious allergy free chocolate bars that are great for your upcoming fondue night. Take a moment to browse through our website to learn more about the options that are available.

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