Monday, July 20, 2015

11 Interesting Facts about Chocolate that You Probably Don’t Know

It’s hard to imagine life without chocolate, because it is a flavor that is commonly used in desserts and treats around the world. How much do you know about this creamy treat?
Here are some interesting trivia facts about chocolate:
1.       If you want to make 1 pound of chocolate, you will need approximately 400 cacao beans.
2.       It takes about a year for a cacao tree to produce enough cacao pods to make about 10 chocolate bars.
3.       Simply smelling chocolate can trigger relaxation, because it increases theta brain waves.
4.       Technically, white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate since it doesn’t have any cacao!
5.       In the Aztec empire, cacao beans were used as currency.
6.       Collectively, Americans eat about 100 pounds of chocolate per second.
7.       Dogs and cats should never eat chocolate, because it can make them sick.
8.       A lethal dose of chocolate for humans is about 22 pounds.
9.       If you eat chocolate daily, your risk of heart disease decreases by 1/3.
10.   Dark chocolate has more cacao and less milk and sugar, making it healthier than milk chocolate.
11.   Throughout history, chocolate was consumed as a liquid and not a solid.
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