Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Find Nut Free Chocolate Treats if You Have a Peanut Allergy

Do you or a family member have a peanut allergy? It can be difficult to find safe candy bars and chocolate treats, and you need to be cautious about the products that you buy in order to make sure the chocolate hasn’t come in contact with any nuts.
Nut Ingredients vs. Nut Contamination
There is a big distinction that you need to make when you are reading the ingredient labels: make sure the chocolate was produced in a nut-free facility. Most people with peanut allergies know that they need to avoid chocolate bars with added nuts, but they don’t realize that a food allergy can also be impacted by contamination within the warehouse.
Even if your candy bar doesn’t have any added nuts, it is still possible that it somehow came in contact with nuts if the candy was produced in the same warehouse that also produces candy bars that contain nuts.
So, the best option is to find a brand of chocolate that was produced in a nut-free facility, so that you don’t have to worry about food allergy concerns when eating the chocolate.
Once you find a peanut free chocolate, you will be able to enjoy a sweet treat without worrying about food allergies. Visit Premium Chocolatiers to find allergy-free chocolate treats for your whole family to enjoy!

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