Sunday, March 4, 2018

Vegan Chocolate for Easter? The Easter Bunny Will Thank You!

Easter, more than any other holiday, is marked by copious amounts of chocolate being lumped together in baskets, centerpieces, and bowls for guests and kids to munch on. Characterized by the Easter Bunny who so graciously drops off more chocolate than we should eat on the eve of Easter, chocolate and Easter seem to go hand in hand.

However, did you know it’s possible to indulge in Easter chocolate that is also vegan? If you make a commitment to vegan chocolate this year, you’ll be saving the planet, the Easter bunny, and promoting sustainable health for you and your family members while it’s happening.

Eating vegan chocolate is better for the environment, relying not on animals but on our own devices to come up with flavors and textures that are nature-made. A safer, cleaner environment means a happier home for the Easter bunny.

From a health perspective, cutting out animal byproducts and relying on the pristine ingredients of our world is better for you and your kids. Coconut and nut-based vegan chocolates taste just as good – if not better – than the dairy alternatives.

Consider incorporating our No Whey Vegan Easter chocolate products into your Easter experience this year.

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