Monday, August 15, 2016

The Best Way to Store Your Chocolate This Summer

What do you love about the unlimited summer thrill?
As a chocolate enthusiast, you know well how the sizzling summer heat or rather what chocolatiers do refer to as the unpleasant end of the blissful chocolate season, can be unkind. It is that moment of the year when you indulge unconditionally and eat whatever is edible minding less of the other people. However, as you continue enjoying the soothing heat, any industry folk and marketer out there is battling to ensure that your favorite bar remains crisp and tasty.
Vegan chocolates, cookies and cakes are celebrated for their colossal benefits in the body. Their fame is even on an upsurge since at least a million Americans are, seemingly, among the planet’s ardent vegetarians. That aside, however, it is plausible knowing the right way to store these protein-rich foods this summer.
1.      Store in a cool, dry place; a place that is below 50% humidity is ideal. Excessive moisture will not only condense your chocolate bar but also draw out the sugar. Without sugars, it won’t be tastier.
2.      Ensure that it’s far from direct sunlight. The sun’s rays will heat up the bar, damaging its flavor.
3.      Keep it super fresh always. Who doesn’t like that yummy taste of a fresh chocolate? From the many ingredients, it is pretty clear that all of them are perishable and with a higher pinnacle of flavor and texture to make it fresh.
4.      Keep it away from those strong scents. Although you may need to keep your vegan chocolate in your refrigerator, keep it as far away from garlic and other strongly smelling foods, as possible. Furthermore, ensure that you wrap it well so that it doesn’t condense and lose the taste.
5.      Most “Best By” dates are arbitrary. Since most of the chocolates are made using sugars, it is hard for them to go bad when kept in excellent conditions. Therefore, pay little attention to them and more on where you keep them. You will need a little bit of them during the forthcoming Halloween, Christmas, and the Valentines and eventually during the Mother’s Day.
Apparently, refrigerating them is ideal only when you don’t have access to those low-humidity spot. When you stick to each of the above caveats, you won’t have any worries irrespective of the burning summer heat. Remember that Bonbons are delicate, unlike the bars and must be stored carefully.

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