Monday, May 23, 2016

Discover Healthier Allergy Free Alternatives At Your Memorial Day Picnic.

Memorial Day for many people is the beginning of summer. The warmer weather becomes more frequent and people start to plan their summer vacations. Due to the long weekend a lot of BBQ’s or parties with friends and families are held. Memorial Day is a time in which those who passed in military are remembered, along with spending time with your loved ones. Most people tend to eat more during these types of holidays.  

What to bring to a BBQ?
When bringing food to an event, it can be tricky to choose the right foods. You want to bring a dish everyone can eat and in turn cater to the individual dietary restrictions of each person in attendance. The best thing to do is to call the hostess/host and ask them if anyone in their family has any restrictions. I also would inquire about the guests and see if anyone attending has any allergies to certain foods. Once you find out, then you can decide on what type of dish to serve.

 I try for something simple and something that most of the crowd will like. A side dish is the way to go, unless the person asks for a main dish. Here are some great ideas for side dishes – vegan coleslaw, grilled vegetables, a big healthy salad, baked beans, corn, fruit salad, and dairy free brownies. But if there are people who can’t have certain ingredients because of food allergies or dietary restrictions, then you might want to offer alternatives. For instance when making the brownies, use dairy free, nut free, vegan chocolate. This way everyone can eat the brownies. When making the coleslaw and potato salad omit the mayo, so the vegans can partake.  Use olive oil or coconut oil instead. A colorful fruit platter with melted dairy free, nut free, vegan chocolate  served on the side is a healthier alternative to serving cake and is sure to satisfy the most discerning sweet tooth. The worst thing is going to a barbecue and you cannot eat anything due to your allergies or the healthy lifestyle acquired.

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