Monday, August 24, 2015

6 Things You Didn't Know about a Vegan Diet

Have you been considering a lifestyle change to start following a vegan diet? Some people are overwhelmed at the many adjustments they will need to make in their cooking. But, the truth is that there are many ways for you to enjoy a seemingly normal diet without consuming animal ingredients.
Here are six interesting facts that you didn’t know about a vegan diet:
1.       Vegans have a lower risk of food poisoning, because up to 80% of food poisoning cases are caused by bad meat.
2.       People on a vegan diet are healthier with a lower risk of cancer, better cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure.
3.       It is reported that livestock are fed as much as 17.8 million pounds of antibiotics each year. You can easily avoid these antibiotics by avoiding the meat that comes from those animals.
4.       Vegan foods often contain fewer calories because they don’t contain unhealthy fats that raise calorie count in popular dishes. As a result, vegans have a lower risk of obesity.
5.       There are approximately 7.5 million vegans in the United States.
6.       You can easily find delicious vegan sources of protein, including peanut butter, nuts, seeds, tofu, black beans, lentils, and other legumes.
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