Monday, August 12, 2013

No No's - An ambitious No Child Left Behind Program

We began over five years ago with the goal of providing great looking and tasting chocolates for those that couldn't or wouldn't otherwise have them. Many people follow vegan diets or have food allergies or religious restrictions and have never been able to partake of the many pleasures of life that others have without a second thought. So we began offering milk free, nut free, egg free, gluten free chocolates and everyone loved them. We began making holiday items like Easter bunnies for example. As our population of fans and friends surged there was one theme that we kept hearing loud and clear - We would love to have chocolate covered candies. Now making these are a bit more difficult to produce than a chocolate bar and until now we almost didn't consider it but we finally decided now to use Kickstarter to help us No No's Campaign raise the capital to put in the systems that we would need to turn this into a reality.

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