Friday, July 24, 2020

Fan Recipe: Frozen Yogurt Bark!

Fan Recipe: Loaded Frozen Yogurt Bark! 
One of our favorite things to see are fans using our products to get creative and make yummy recipes! We know our customers each come from different backgrounds with their own stories, so some recipes may just be vegan, and some may be allergy-friendly focused, but when we find one that's both...that feels like such a special treat! All of our allergy-friendly, vegan, all natural products can be found at - do you suddenly have the urge to get started on a recipe?! Great! We would love to see it!

Featured product in this recipe: Chocolatey Covered Pretzels

@Kalemehungry says: "Mix the yogurt with protein powder, honey and vanilla. I love my yogurt tangy and not too sweet so adjust based on your taste.
spread yogurt mixture on parchment paper, about a half an inch deep. I just guessed on thickness haha.

Break up some chocolatey covered pretzels to top it off, put in the freezer until recipe solidifes. Break apart and enjoy!"

Bonus idea: Add Choco NoNo's along with the Chocolatey Covered Pretzels for some extra sweetness!

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