Saturday, September 26, 2015

Plan a Mini Oktoberfest Celebration in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Are you interested in celebrating Oktoberfest, but you don’t have the time or desire to travel to Germany? Plan an Oktoberfest evening in your own home for your family and friends! You can enjoy some of the popular food and drinks commonly served in Germany, providing a fun, cultural experience for everyone to enjoy.
Menu for Oktoberfest
There are several things that must be on the menu for your Oktoberfest party:

  • Beer: Of course, good drinks are an important part of the celebration. Look for imported options for something that is a little more authentic.
  • Chocolate: Europeans love their chocolate, and you can choose a delicious chocolate treat for your party. Pick a high quality, allergy-free chocolate to support the health of everyone in attendance.
  • Meat: A good German party should include traditional meats, such as wiener schnitzel, frankfurters and sausages.
  • Soft Pretzels: What’s an Oktoberfest party without soft pretzels? Make sure to serve these fun treats at your party.
  • German Potato Salad: This side dish is often served with the meat and other traditional German foods.
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Delicious Dairy Free Chocolate Hot Drinks

Hot chocolate is a great way to warm up when the weather starts to cool down, but it can be difficult to find an allergy-free hot chocolate drink. If you are looking for a dairy free chocolate drink because you are on a lactose free diet, then you might consider making homemade hot chocolate from the comfort of your own home.
High Quality, Homemade Hot Chocolate
One of the advantages of homemade hot chocolate is that you can control the ingredients that are put into your drink. Standard hot chocolate mixes are often made with a long list of unhealthy ingredients, making a tasty drink very harmful for your health.
Instead of drinking something that isn’t good for your health, it is better to make your own dairy free chocolate drink. You can choose the ingredients that you want, melt down the chocolate that you would like to include, and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate any time you would like.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Vegan Milk Chocolate is a Delicious Snack for Your Labor Day Road Trip

Many people plan road trips during Labor Day weekend, because it is a great opportunity to get away since you have an extended weekend. One of the fun aspects of planning for your upcoming road trip is to pick the snacks that you will be enjoying in the car. For anyone who loves chocolate, you need to make sure that you have vegan chocolate to munch on.
Why is Vegan Chocolate Good for Road Trips?
Vegan milk chocolate is a delicious treat on the road because it is easy to grab on the go and it is a delicious finger food. If you need a sweet snack made with wholesome ingredients, then choose vegan milk chocolate instead of the traditional chocolate brands that you can find at the roadside gas station.
Planning your own snacks in advance can make it easy to have food that is food allergy safe, because you can select snacks that fit within your dietary guidelines. Many people like a combination of both sweet and salty options, to have a variety of snacks available while they are in the car. If you want, you can even make homemade cookies with vegan chocolate chips.
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