Friday, March 8, 2013

Help spread the joy- get rewarded for your efforts

We are constantly asked if there is anywhere people can buy our milk free, nut free, gluten free chocolate products in a store nearby. So we are trying to get our products nearby as quickly as possible. This year Jake is our wholesale Bunny and we would love to get him to your favorite natural foods, specialty foods, health foods, grocery store quickly so as many people as possible can enjoy him this season. He is packaged fully retail ready. We are launching chocolate bars and Peanot cups in wholesale markets in the next few weeks as well. In the meantime tell your favorite retailer to carry Jake and we will get them product within a day or two at no risk. All extra bunnies can be returned for a full credit and a proper burial after Easter. Tell us you referred them and you get a $50 gift card toward chocolates on our site when they place an order. Order 2 or more cases and receive free shipping. Only the first person claiming credit per store referral qualifies. Hurry time is running!  Easter Wholesale Page Valid until Jakes stock is depleted. We will also post a complete list of store locations on our site in a few days.